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हिन्दी Karva Chauth Fasting Procedure During Pregnancy | Vrat for Boyfriend

हिन्दी Karva Chauth Hindi Fasting Rules & Evening Puja Vidhi in Punjabi | Karva Chauth Fasting Procedure During Pregnancy | Vrat for Boyfriend.

Karva Chauth Fast Rules for Boyfriend Husband | Karwa Chauth Fasting Vidhi In Hindi

According to Hindu religion Fasting help us to create an attachment with the god by establishing relationship between the body and soul.

Karva Chauth Fasting done by married woman but now a days by changing with environment people are also changing, Girls and unmarried womans are also following fast for their loves one. Husband and Boys too are doing fast for their Wifes or Girlfriend.

Karva chauth Fasting in Pregnancy If your doctor and family members are allowing you to do fast then be ready to make some adjustment. Talk to your mother and mother in law they will understand your need for these adjustment.

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Happy karwa Chauth Vrat Vidhi In punjabi

Happy karwa Chauth Vrat Vidhi In punjabi

Don’t Forget to do these following thing

  1. Firstly, while having your sargi early in the morning, make sure you drink a big glass of milk along with it.
  2. Secondly, make a bowl of fruit salad, but without any seasonings. During the day, whenever you feel a sense of acidity, discomfort or severe hunger pangs, have a small portion of that fruit salad.
  3. And lastly, after doing the Karva Chauth Pooja in the evening, have a glass of milk again.
  5. Don’t think to much about fast try to live in daily routine life. The more you will think about fast hungrier you will feel. So feel cool and don’t think to much about fast.

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Karva Chauth Fast Vidhi Vrat Vidhi Steps For Girlfriend and Boyfriend

If You Really loves some one then it is good think to do a karva chauth for your loves one. You can simply follow the regular vidhi as a married woman follow for their husband.

This post is based on Fasting Procedure During pregnancy & Fast For Boyfriend On Karva Chauth

Girls Generally asked this Question that I AM UNMARRIED and i want to do a KARVA CHAUTH to get the HUSBAND i wish for, then The best Answer is

You are unmarried girl, and so it is very easy for you to get a husband. However, in order to help you to have a best husband in future. I think you always try to pay your attention to the boyfriend’s character. If his character is always gentle, polite and honest, he will be your best husband in all your lives. I hope that you and your boyfriend always remember the content of a special sentence relating to love story such as To love and to beloved is the greatest happiness on earth. In the time of loving each other, you and your boyfriend always try to believe in each other forever.

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Happy Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi for Pregnant Women’s Female In Hindi Punjabi PDF

Karva Chauth fasting Rules And Evening Puja Vidhi In Hindi Punjabi Bengali Tamil Language : Welcome Womens in this article we will purely discuss the do’s & dont’s for vrat of karva chauth for Married Women also for the Unmarried women who are fasting for boyfriend before marriage which is seen in many region. The Rules of Karva chauth is very simple because in this fast you cannot eat anything after the sunrise till the worship of moon with your husband. This is the pooja which connects your body with your soul. In this festival the things you need to remember is to collect your best food items which you like and can intake in a large quantity, mostly the beverages and juices. Also take some fibre like chapatti if you dont like the pure indian food than you can arrange fast foods for you like pizza & chowmin or idlay. Because these food items are not easy to digest and take some time. Karva Chauth Hindi Fasting Rules And Evening Puja Vidhi In English Punjabi. We are sharing the same information in different languages because people understand the information best in their regional language because in India English & Hindi language is not so common.

Shubh Karva Chauth Fast Procedure Rules During Pregnancy In Hindi English Punjabi

We hope you have find the above information on the topic: Karva Chauth Fasting Rules And Evening Puja Vidhi In Hindi Punjabi informative. For the live update of moon rising time on karva chauth 2017 keep visiting our website. Now your next step should be to share our information article with your friends & relatives or the women who are going to have a fast this year.

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